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A new feature for our podcast- community profiles. Meet other nannies we know and that we think are awesome! First up- Sue talks with Devon Bushouse from Boston!! 

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Everyone has highs and lows when it comes to how they were raised. Some have more lows than others. In this episode we discuss how your own parents and upbringing can affect your caregiving. We also discuss how to talk about this with potential employers and how to examine and process it yourself. 

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With the rise of online groups in Facebook etc... more and more nannies share their experiences and vent. But this has led to some negative behavior in the way people respond. Should we ever tell someone, "you shouldn't be a nanny" on the internet? How can we respond to posts that we disagree with? Our listener Sarah suggested this topic, and it was a great one for us to discuss.  

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What is your childcare philosophy? How do you develop one and why is it important to know and be able to communicate your thoughts and beliefs? 

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To kick off 2016 we talk about a big benefit for nannies that is often misunderstood- guaranteed hours and how it differs from salary. 

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We discuss a question sent in by a listener- what does it mean to be engaged with a child? Does it mean the same thing to parents as it does to us as nannies? How do you talk to parents about engagement? 

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Sue does a solo show brainstorming some ideas about Holiday gifts!

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In a recent story on Good Morning America, there was a report on a growing trend of employers hiring a private investigator to follow their nannies. We discuss this plus the nanny cam. Why do nannies get so upset?? 

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Our special guest Laura Schroeder talks with Sue about her experiences with Autism, both as a parent and as a nanny. 

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This week is National Nanny Recognition Week in the U.S. and we celebrate by having a conversation with Kellie Geres who runs NNRW. We talk about how and why it was started and how it can be celebrated.

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