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What goals or resolutions do you make that help you be a better nanny? We discuss a few and actions you can take to get things accomplished! 

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A continuation of our discussion on the importance and the role of the phone interview. 

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We talk phone interviews, and since there was a lot to say, this is part one of two! Why are they important? What purpose do they serve?? 

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Another in our series of Top Tens- this time activities and projects to do with the kiddos when you are inside the house. We'd love to hear what your favorites are as well!! 

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We are having fun with our series of Top Ten lists. This time we share our top ten ideas for enjoying the outdoors with kids. 

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For National Nanny Recognition Week this year we give our top 10 ways that nanny care is unique! We are lucky to work as nannies and so we look from both the parent's perspective and the nanny's perspective at how nanny care can make a big impact. 

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Are there unwritten rules that we all follow (or should follow)? We discuss a recent thread from a nanny group online about what rules nannies have. 

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National Nanny Training Day 2017 will be held in April. Is there an event near you? If not, why not consider hosting one? Sue talks about how to organize an event and what is involved. 

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We have many in our profession who organize events, provide mentorship and are leaders. We discuss why it is important to have them, why nannies should consider leadership roles and some of our thoughts on how to be effective as a nanny leader. 

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You want to wear a bikini but employers say it is too racy for the swim club and want you to wear a one piece suit. You want a tattoo but some families won't keep a nanny with body art. Where do we as nannies have a responsibility to represent the family in the way that they want? 

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