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Nannies need a childcare philosophy! This is the second part of our series on developing yours. We briefly go over the work of Maria Montessori and discuss the parts of the Montessori philosophy that we have adapted into our own work with children. 

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Sue and Lora kick off a new series about developing your childcare philosophy. In this episode, we discuss what it is and why is it important. All nannies should have a definable childcare philosophy. 

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We discuss some problems and possible solutions when it comes to discipline and guidance of older kids (ages 8 plus) and even teens. This age group can be tough for a nanny especially over the summer as you often have more time with them. 

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Communication is the key to the relationship. We outline a few basic techniques that you can use to improve your boundary setting, communication, and help you when communicating with employers. 

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We discuss with our new friend Martha from Chronicles of Nannya the ability of parents to review a nanny online thru sites like Care. Is this good or bad and why. This is the first part of the episode and the other half can be found at

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Lora and Sue discuss tools and methods we can do to help kids be more resilient. 

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We tackle the issue of online nanny groups this week. Are they good or evil? A great support or the decline of professionalism in our industry? 

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Toughest part of the day or learning opportunity? Transitions for kids can feel overwhelming to them and frustrating to nannies and parents. We discuss and offer some ideas! 

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It is never easy to bring up touchy subjects with your employers. But it is especially difficult for nannies to bring up behavior issues with moms and dads. We discuss ways to make those conversations go smoothly. 

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We have a great conversation with our new friends Jeremy and Hari about Nanny Shares. We talk about advantages and disadvantages of the arrangement as well as what to consider before entering into this popular option. All nannies should know about nanny shares and these experts from in Boston have much to share. 

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