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In this episode we discuss the popular TV show This Is Us and how it helps us view parenting and raising children. SPOILER ALERTS_ we discuss up to the February 2018 episodes including the week after the Super Bowl. 

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In our fifth installment discussing developing your childcare philosophy, we give a brief overview of positive discipline. We discuss how it is different from traditional methods as well as some of the core beliefs. 

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In the fourth part of our series- developing your childcare philosophy- we discuss Waldorf education. What are the core tenets and what ideas make this one of the faster growing preschool trends. 

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We discuss some problems and possible solutions when it comes to discipline and guidance of older kids (ages 8 plus) and even teens. This age group can be tough for a nanny especially over the summer as you often have more time with them. 

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Communication is the key to the relationship. We outline a few basic techniques that you can use to improve your boundary setting, communication, and help you when communicating with employers. 

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Lora and Sue discuss tools and methods we can do to help kids be more resilient. 

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Is there such a thing as your "unicorn family"? We discuss what that might mean, what your expectations are concerning a perfect match and how really- no matter what, relationships take work! The nanny and family relationship is complex. 

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Another in our series of Top Tens- this time activities and projects to do with the kiddos when you are inside the house. We'd love to hear what your favorites are as well!! 

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We are having fun with our series of Top Ten lists. This time we share our top ten ideas for enjoying the outdoors with kids. 

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National Nanny Training Day 2017 will be held in April. Is there an event near you? If not, why not consider hosting one? Sue talks about how to organize an event and what is involved. 

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