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It's that time again nannies! Year end or holiday bonus- do you get one? Do you expect one? We discuss our opinions on this touchy subject. 

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Another year- another time to discuss what nannies might want to give this holiday season! 

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We talk about nannies and free range parenting style. What does that term mean? What is the difference between freedom and lack of safety? 

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In this episode we discuss the philosophy of Reggio Emilia Schools and how nannies can incorporate those ideas into their own practices. This series hopes to help you identify and focus your own childcare philosophy. *-

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In our fifth installment discussing developing your childcare philosophy, we give a brief overview of positive discipline. We discuss how it is different from traditional methods as well as some of the core beliefs. 

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In the fourth part of our series- developing your childcare philosophy- we discuss Waldorf education. What are the core tenets and what ideas make this one of the faster growing preschool trends. 

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In this installment of our ongoing series, we give a brief glimpse into the RIE methodology developed by Magda Gerber. Please listen to parts one and two before diving in here! 

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Nannies need a childcare philosophy! This is the second part of our series on developing yours. We briefly go over the work of Maria Montessori and discuss the parts of the Montessori philosophy that we have adapted into our own work with children. 

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Sue and Lora kick off a new series about developing your childcare philosophy. In this episode, we discuss what it is and why is it important. All nannies should have a definable childcare philosophy. 

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We discuss some problems and possible solutions when it comes to discipline and guidance of older kids (ages 8 plus) and even teens. This age group can be tough for a nanny especially over the summer as you often have more time with them. 

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