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We discuss a question sent in by a listener- what does it mean to be engaged with a child? Does it mean the same thing to parents as it does to us as nannies? How do you talk to parents about engagement? 

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Sue does a solo show brainstorming some ideas about Holiday gifts!

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In a recent story on Good Morning America, there was a report on a growing trend of employers hiring a private investigator to follow their nannies. We discuss this plus the nanny cam. Why do nannies get so upset?? 

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Our special guest Laura Schroeder talks with Sue about her experiences with Autism, both as a parent and as a nanny. 

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This week is National Nanny Recognition Week in the U.S. and we celebrate by having a conversation with Kellie Geres who runs NNRW. We talk about how and why it was started and how it can be celebrated.

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Sue has a conversation with Beth Smith of GeeWhiz Education about what exactly are we talking about when we talk curriculum? Why is it important? And we learn a bit about GeeWhiz online curriculum.


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How often do you find yourself drawn into a power stuggle over issues like cleaning up, homework or eating? It happens to all of us but here's the thing- you really can't win when you engage in a power stuggle with a kid. We discuss our emotional response and how to avoid these situations. 

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SO if you are in a position where you are paid off the books, how do you approiach the conversation to make a change. We talk about ways to set your mindset and specific language to use for talking to employers about transitioning to being tax compliant.

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Misbehavior is tough to take at any time, but it creates a unique situation when that misbeahvior happens in front of parents during those transition times at beginning and end of day. Do you correct or just leave things be? How much stepping in is appropriate for kids and for the parents? We discuss and offer a few different viewpoints. 

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We discuss the question- if you could have dinner with 5 people that have inflenced you as a caregiver or that you would love to speak with about children, who would it be? 

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