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The holidays are in full swing so in this episode we try to help you stay sane thru the visiting relatives, lpng work hours and other stressors. Enjoy the holiday and we hope you have some much needed time off too!! 

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Nannies have a unique position that allows them to help guide a child in many real life situations. Teaching life skills is not something that you can always plan for however. We talk about how many of the challenges we face with our kids are really teachable moments. 

Please note: We apologize for the slight echo. We are working to improve our audio quality. 

Link for Lora's positive discipline class

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Tis the time of year when kids get presents and we as nannies need to help them be gracious recievers. How do you prepare kids for gifts that might not be exactly what they want? What about for us? Do we expect a gift from an employer? What do we do when the bonus/gift is not what we expect? 

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