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Can you technically be a salaried employee? Many nannies like to negotiate this way, but is it truly in your best interest? We discuss how to talk about hourly rate, guaranteed hours and how to talk to families about all this. 

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In this episode we discuss the differences and similiarities between nannies here in the US and the nanny industry in Australia. We have so many things in common!

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In this episode we discuss the perks of being a nanny that go beyond the ultra sweet, I get paid in hugs and kisses. We discuss the issues of control, dealing with coworkers and breaking of lots of office rules. 

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There are lots of ways that your professional integrity comes into play when transitioning from one family to another. How much notice do you give? Can you search for a new job while still working for another family? Can you take a job knowing it is not a good fit just so you have income while continuing your search? We tackle these questions and a few more as we chat about searching for a job this week. 

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