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This is a great conversation with Dr. Deborah Gilboa, also known as Dr. G, about why we should let kids be responsible for thier own happiness. What makes a kid happy? How can we as caregivers give them practice in handling being unhappy? And most importantly, how can we talk to parents about this topic. Dr. G is an amazing parent educator, focusing on issues of character. She also discusses this topic her new book How to Get the Behavior You Want Without Being the Parent You Hate. 


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In this special episode, Sue talks to Whitney Tang and Jennifer Kuhn who are the editors of Nanny Magazine. We chat about taking care of yourself. How do you make time with a long schedule to make time for you? Why is that important? And what does it look like? A great conversation plus some bonus info all about Nanny Magazine.

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In this episode we discuss the "nanny" who wouldn't leave and the family who helped to create a real mess. Who is really at fault? Why wouldn't a family check references? What could have prevented this mess? AND what should we all learn from this disaster?

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Another issue facing nannies in the summertime is that older kids are home from school so now you may be working with infants/toddlers and older aged kids at the same time. How can you plan activities and deal with discipline matters when you are juggling the needs and abilities of many different age levels? We will discuss and try to brainstorm a few ideas. 

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