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We all know that today we are connected virtually with other nannies all over the world. But is there still a need for your local network of nannies? We talk about local support and why it is necessary, what you get out of it and how to go about building one! A special treat before National Nanny Training Day on April 12th, 2014.

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In this episode we discuss taking on the drama of a family. Lora talks about her manta of "That's not my table." Like a good waitress, you can provide excellent service without getting involved with family issues that you can't solve. Sue uses her saying of "That is not my circus. Those are not my monkeys" to remind her and all of us that there are things we can not control as nannies and we need to remember to find a way to define what concerns us and how to let go of things out of our control. 

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Time out has been around a long time and is often the go to method for many nannies and parents. But does time out work? What about "positive time out"? What does that mean and how can you implement it? We talk about time out- and give some good ideas on how to help a child calm down when you need to change the way things are headed. Do you use time outs? How? 

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Our special guest this episode is Donna Robinson, better known as the "traveling nanny". Donna is a pioneer of the traveling nanny niche. She has travels all around the world with parents who need care while on vacation or traveling for business. Donna knows a thing or two about making it easier to travel with kids and with their parents. We chat about some tips and tricks for everyone to keep in mind. 

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