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In this episode, we discuss why it is so hard for nannies to just say no. Whether it is about working late or extra hours, traveling in bad weather or any other extras- many nannies have a hard time saying no. We talk about why this might be as well as how to try to change our thinking so that we can say no when it is appropriate. 

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Is it wrong to negotiate with kids? Sue and Lora tackle this hot button topic by asking what do we teach when we negotiate with kids? What does negotiating really look like? Why do adults react negatively to this? Working thru problems with the idea that there is a compromise and solution can be a good thing. We discuss ways to have conversations with kids so that they can negotiate to get what they want and you can still set boundaries. Another in our series of What to Do When! 

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In this episode we talk about how to have a conversation with your employers about training events. Specifically, how to go about getting employers to pay for all or part of events such as National Nanny Training Day and Nannypalooza. How do you bring up the subject? How do approach the actual "ask"? Why should employers even pay for these events? 

Nannypalooza - for your employers

NNTD- for your employers

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