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A bonus episode suggested by our listener Amy who like many in the country is struggling to get thru all these inclement weather days! How do you handle multiple aged kids stuck indoors all day? What kinds of things can you do outside in the snow? How do you maintain your sanity! Thanks for the suggestion Amy!! 

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In this podcast we answer the age old question, can a nanny file a 1099? Our special guest Kathy Webb of HomeWork Solutions gives us the answer to this and many other questions including what to do if your employer doesn't give you a w-2, why workers comp is important and why you need to know your gross pay. We discuss the many tools that can offer to nannies and families!

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Lora and Sue review nanny New Year's resolutions submitted by our Facebook friends as well as some of thier own personal goals for 2014! Also a new feature- we now end each show by sharing one good idea! 

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