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The holidays are in full swing so in this episode we try to help you stay sane thru the visiting relatives, lpng work hours and other stressors. Enjoy the holiday and we hope you have some much needed time off too!! 

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Nannies have a unique position that allows them to help guide a child in many real life situations. Teaching life skills is not something that you can always plan for however. We talk about how many of the challenges we face with our kids are really teachable moments. 

Please note: We apologize for the slight echo. We are working to improve our audio quality. 

Link for Lora's positive discipline class

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Tis the time of year when kids get presents and we as nannies need to help them be gracious recievers. How do you prepare kids for gifts that might not be exactly what they want? What about for us? Do we expect a gift from an employer? What do we do when the bonus/gift is not what we expect? 

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This time of year is always a challenge- what to give the family that already has everything! So we discuss some ideas of what to give for the holidays and what kinds of things you can make or do to share seasons greetings. This is our third edition of holiday suggestions. Check out our past episodes in 2013 and 2012 for more ideas. 

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In this episode, Sue discusses why it is difficult for her to ask for help or to admit she is struggling. When we face challenges as nannies do we have problems asking for help? Why do we feel we have to be "perfect"? 

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In this episode, recorded last spring, we discuss the implications of the idea of a selfless caregiver. When we paint moms and nannies in the light of giving everything and getting nothing in return, we take on burdens that we shouldn't. These include not taking care of ourselves or being proud and happy of the work we do. 

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We talk with Marni Kent, industry superstar and creator of a new website called the Nanny Mentor. Marni has long advocated for nannies to enter into the mentoring relationship. We discuss why it is helpful for nannies, how to find someone right for you and what you can get out of this great realtionship.  

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Can you technically be a salaried employee? Many nannies like to negotiate this way, but is it truly in your best interest? We discuss how to talk about hourly rate, guaranteed hours and how to talk to families about all this. 

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In this episode we discuss the differences and similiarities between nannies here in the US and the nanny industry in Australia. We have so many things in common!

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In this episode we discuss the perks of being a nanny that go beyond the ultra sweet, I get paid in hugs and kisses. We discuss the issues of control, dealing with coworkers and breaking of lots of office rules. 

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