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In this episode, Dr. Lindsay Heller aka "the Nanny Doctor" joins us as we discusss our topic. Can parents hold the nannies to a higher standard then they uphold themselves? Is it ok that the kids spend the weekend in front of the tv but then do not allow the nanny to grant screen time? We touch on manners, cleanliness of home and other issues as we chat. Make sure to check out Lindsay's webpage at 

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In this episode we discuss spending money on the family. Do you pay for the kids when you go out to eat? What kinds of gifts do you buy for celebrations? Do you buy your own work supplies? This rambling conversation addresses how we choose to spend our own money and our employers. 

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We talk alot about self esteem as nannies but what about our own personal professional esteem? Where do you get your sense of pride in your job? Is it from the work you do? Is it from the title you hold? The workshops you go to? We discuss the issue of professinal esteem in this episode? 

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