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This episode we discuss the feelings nannies have regarding their employers and the entitlement that can develop (or even be there from the start). We talk about when an employer takes away an unexpected day off, or you become upset that you are expected to do certain tasks? What responsibility do we play in these scenarios and how can we examine our own accountability when a situation arrises and we feel we are being taken advantage of or somehow it is not our job. 

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We have all seen someone who is giving what we might consider bad care. You know- the nanny in the park on her cell phone, someone losing thier patience at playgroup. This is a problem for all of us as we want all kids to be getting great care. But is it really our business? Can we judge what is appropriate or not and how can we get involved? We examine the problem of bad nannies and is it really our place to do something or not? 

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