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In this episode we discuss the growing trend of "way out there"  questions about nannies on the internet and specifically Facebook/Twitter. We ask the question- do these questions affect us as nannies? The questions are usually very specific and often intended to get as many comments as possible. We examine how these questions can change our perspective about ourselves and the profession. 

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Special Guest Lisa Murphy aka the "Ooey Gooey Lady" 

This episode is SUPERsized as we had a great conversation with Lisa Murphy, ECE rock star and amazing speaker. We center our conversation around the ideas of giving kids choices and how it feels and looks to create a child led expereince. We talk about what that means for planning a day, and how we can balance the choice we want to give with planning and intentional activities. Finally we touch on how to discuss all this with parents and others. In this episode, Lisa talks about a few resources so we have linked them below. 

Mind in the Making Child Care Bar and Grill Podcast! Ooey Gooey resources Ooey Gooey facebook page Article Lisa mentions

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This podcast came about after Sue heard herself uttering the dreaded words "because I said so" on a particularly grueling day.  So we ask ourselves the question, what do you do when you are in those moments of awfulness? We discuss how we all have times that we need to change our course and adjust the attitude. Finding the way to do this is not always easy, but it is essential for nannies!! 

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We have a special guest this episode, Angela Delgado who is using Kickstarter crowd funding to help her publish a book, Molly Magnificent is My Nanny. We discuss the book and the question, does a having a nanny change the family structure? Of course there are many different opinions as we talk about the idea that a nanny is a part of the family. 

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