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In this episode we discuss the current legislation in several states concerning Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights. These bills give domestic workers rights like overtime pay, meal breaks and more. Some of the rights we have already enjoyed as nannies but things like off the clock meal breaks may be problematic and have unintended consequences for nannies.

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This week's discussion goes to the way we define our job descriptions and why do we look at it a certain way. Certain jobs around the house can trigger emotional reactions for nannies. I will not do those dirty dishes or take out the trash! But why do we react that way and where does it come from? What is OUR responsibilities when looking at the struggle of job creep and how attitudes towards household tasks can affect our job and our charges. An interesting discussion with lots of different sides to the question. 

Please note: Quality on this episode is not optimal. We are working to correct the problem. 

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In this epoxide we pose the question “If parents refuse to hire a nanny because she’s gay, is that a personal preference that should be supported or hiring discrimination?”  We’re joined by nanny Jennie Jex-Landoe who was part of the original discussion in Nanny Care Tribe.  We don’t answer the question but we consider a lot of different points in our attempt to!

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How does your relationship with the parents affect your relationship with your kids? Does it? We discuss this topic trying to examine how your attitudes towards your employers might play a part in your dealings with the kids. We also touch briefly on what happens when you disagree with the parents and the difference between having a more detached relationship vs. a very familial one. 

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