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SPOILER ALERT_ we discuss Downton Abby Season 3 events in this episode- if you are not up to date on the shows please wait to listen! 

In this episode we discuss the differences in the ways families treat service professionals now vs. in the era of Downton Abby. Would today's families care for servants as a member of the family? Should they? Do today's nannies and other household staff have the same respect and boundaries as times gone by? We also touch on the attitude of service that domestic workers have now vs. then. 

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Should nannies keep their personal beliefs out of their work life?  Is that even possible?  Is it appropriate to talk about your ideas around politics, religion and social issues with the kids you care for?  In this epoxide we delve into what we share, both intentionally and unintentionally,  on the job and how that impacts our charges.

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This week, Sue and I have an lively conversation about the merits of time-out.  Does it work?  Is there a better way?  Should it be part of your nanny toolkit?  How does it affect your overall nannying approach?  We jump off on lots of tangents in this podcast so jump into the conversation.

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Sue and I talk about my new program, Connection-Centered Discipline Nanny Certification. (In an entertaining way of course!)  This training was created from the ground up especially for nannies and is built around the concepts of Positive Discipline.  And it also includes in-depth training on creating a collaborative, mutually supportive relationship with your employers.  Listen in and get the details on how you can add to your nanny toolkit and make yourself more marketable in today’s competitive job market.

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