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This week we talk about the recent tragedy that happened in NYC.  A nanny, Yoselyn Ortega who worked for the Krim family on the Upper West Side, fatally stabled 2 of the children she cared for.  In this episode, we talk about the shock wave this event has sent through the nation and particularly the nanny community. We also talk about our industry’s response, how mental health screenings fit into the big picture of screening, and how individual nannies can talk to their employers about it.

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Do you buy into the myth of Mary Poppins?  Do you strive to be the ultimate nanny to the family you work for?  Does the idea of Mary Poppins help or hurt our industry?  Join us as we delve into how the fantasy impacts us in ways we often don’t even see.

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Nannies have lots of freedom generally to organize their day. Do you do personal errands while you are on duty? We all might run to the post office sometimes, but where is the line? Can you schedule a doctor appointment? Get a manicure? Hit the mall? If your employer is fine with you taking the kids to do these things - then where is the problem? We discuss this grey area and talk about who defines what is professional when we are talking about persona errands. 

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We all have them; things that kids do that drive us a little crazy.  We know they don’t matter in the long run and we know they shouldn’t bother us but they do.  They’re our hot buttons.  We fess up to ours.  What are yours?

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