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In this episode we talk about this year's Nannypalooza conference. What is this gathering? Why is it special for nannies? What can you expect? We will give you lots of information and hopefully you will be able to join us in October. 

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In this episode we discuss venting. Are nannies better at complaining about their jobs than other professions? Where is the line betweeen venting and wallowing? It is important to let off some steam about your job and actually can be helpful as suggestions are offered and new perspecitives considered. But when is enough enough? We discuss and hope you will join in the discussion. 

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This week we talk about the often used description of nannies as “like a third parent”.   Do you use it?  Do parents like it or do they feel it’s stepping over a line?   Do nannies really parent the children we care for?  Join in on the discussion of this hot topic!

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Today we start with a storyline from Beverly Hills Nannies where a nanny hears from both her employer and the “nanny godfather” about her never ending chatting.  We talk about her reaction and ponder how criticism plays out in the nanny / family relationship and the how and why of our responses. 

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