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Do the choices you make in your personal life impact your job?  Do you avoid certain people or situations because of it?  Do families have the right to know details of your personal life?  Do you have the right to know the details of theirs?    Join us and our guest Jennie Pennie Jex-Landoe, a nanny from Seattle, as we ponder these questions.

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In this episode, we dream that we have the power (which we don't, sadly) to rule the Nanny World. Lora dreams of a credential and Sue dreams of all nannies holding hands and singing together in harmony. We dream big in this episode and hope you have some great ideas too!! 

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Nannies are amazing people! In this episode, we discuss some specific good qualities that we find in nannies we know. From their generous spirit to their lifelong love of learning, we wanted to shine the spotlight on how fabulous some caregivers we know really are! Listen, you might hear something about yourself! And please remember to let us know if you have something to add. We want to hear from you. 

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The new ABC Family Show Beverly Hills Nannies is premiering this week. So we ask- are these men and women REAL nannies? We try to discuss this and also share a few thoughts on the upcoming show. 

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Are there more overweight people in the nanny industry than in other fields?  Do parents have the right to pass on a nanny because she’s overweight?  Does a nanny’s weight affect the quality of care she provides?  We weigh in (yes, pun intended) on this sensitive topic.

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