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Sammi Strange, a young Aussie, was just hired on as the Prime Minister's new nanny.  She's been called by many the "smoking, drinking, shoplifting, cursing"  nanny who's a bad choice for the job.  Here's what we think!

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This week we have a special guest! Rachel Lewis, of Kiwi Oz discusses with us some aspects of the nanny world down under. Rachel has experience placing and supporting nannies in Australia and London. She talks about the similarities and the differences that we all share. We have more in common than you might think! Join the Kiwi Oz facebook page for more chat

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In this episode, we discuss the recent International Nanny Association Salary Survey. This survey is relased each year and is the only survey of its kind, but still has some flaws. We take a critical look and ask some tough questions. The survey can be viewed here. 

INA responded with this letter- it explains the survey and details some points about the statistics and other info. We appreciate their response and hope you will take time to read this letter! INA RESPONSE

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In this episode we will talk about the difficulties of setting and maintaining boundaries as a nanny. How do you keep your life separate and how the lines get blurred. 

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