We have a great conversation with our new friends Jeremy and Hari about Nanny Shares. We talk about advantages and disadvantages of the arrangement as well as what to consider before entering into this popular option. All nannies should know about nanny shares and these experts from CozyKin.com in Boston have much to share. 

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Is there such a thing as your "unicorn family"? We discuss what that might mean, what your expectations are concerning a perfect match and how really- no matter what, relationships take work! The nanny and family relationship is complex. 

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Nannies care for children from affluent families, but these kids do face certain challenges. We discuss the problems that privileged kids face and how we can address them. 

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In this episode, we discuss Newborn Care Specialists with Tonya Sakowicz, owner of Newborn Care Solutions. 

We talk about certification, the pros and cons of the job and if there is still a demand for this job as well as many other aspects of the NCS world. 

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In this episode we discuss what to say when a family offers you the job. How do you go from offer to contract to success? Also, how do you say No in a good way. 

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So what careers are best suited once you decide not to be a nanny anymore? We discuss a few ideas and also some transferrable skills. 

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What goals or resolutions do you make that help you be a better nanny? We discuss a few and actions you can take to get things accomplished! 

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A continuation of our discussion on the importance and the role of the phone interview. 

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We talk phone interviews, and since there was a lot to say, this is part one of two! Why are they important? What purpose do they serve?? 

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Another in our series of Top Tens- this time activities and projects to do with the kiddos when you are inside the house. We'd love to hear what your favorites are as well!! 

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